Okotoks Raiders vs St Albert Miners

June 25, 2017
Score: 14 - 5

Match Report

Raiders WIN 14-5

Raiders 15-1-0   Miners 1-15-0


Player of the Game

Christian Norrie







Christian Norrie

Christian Norrie



Bigeye Productions’

the Jordan McKinnon  Hardest Working Raider

Myles Hamm


Myles Hamm

Myles Hamm









Scoring 1st 2nd 3rd FINAL
 Miners  2 1 2 5
 Raiders 2 8 4 14

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Played at Max Bell Arena, Calgary Alberta

The game started at 2:30 p.m. and ended at


Photos by Gord Norrie Click here

June 25

Coming into the game on Sunday once again against the Edmonton Miners, the boys didn’t have the same jump to start this one out and in fact were down 2-0 just 1:19 in to the game which had included 2 goals just 17 seconds apart. The Raiders were able to tie it at 2 (Pupp, Kinnear) before the period ended as teams went to the first intermission.

After giving up the first 2 goals in the game, the second period saw the Raiders add to the 2 in the first to score 7 in a row and by the midpoint of the game had a 7-2 lead and finished the second period with a 10-3 lead. Goals in the second period went to McIntyre 3, Wengreniuk, Pupp, Leonard-Bedier, Craig and Kinnear. The defense played strong again only allowing 1 goal in the period.

The Raiders finished up their weekend on the floor with 4 more goals and came away with 4 points after a 14-5 score. Goals in the third were scored by Kinnear, Brand, McIntyre and Wengreniuk while affiliate goalie Brendyn Kendall came in to finish off the game for Brendan Wilhelm.

@AbsorbLMS Player of the Game was Christian Norrie while Bigeye Productions’ the Jordan McKinnon Hardest Working Raider went to Myles Hamm.

The weekend was then capped off by a wonderful family BBQ with everyone enjoying the beautiful weather with some great food and beverages. The families went beyond the call of duty for enough food to feed an army that included a dessert table for the ages!!

This week sees us host our Raiders Minor Lacrosse for a Day practice on Thursday and then we head to Edmonton for Friday and then host SWAT on Sunday. Should be some moves as the upcoming CLA transfer deadline comes on Wednesday at 1pm.

Happy Canada Day to everyone and see you all on Sunday at our next home game!




31. Liam Farrell
4. Myles Hamm
150 man. Caelahn BullenYellow CardYellow Card
110. Jack Moroney
112. Dylan KinnearGoalGoalGoalAssistAssistYellow CardYellow CardYellow CardYellow CardYellow CardYellow Card
113. Brett CraigGoalAssistYellow CardYellow Card
14. Jett Leonard-BedierGoalAssistAssist
115 . Travis GetzAssistAssistAssistAssist
116 A. Brett McIntyreGoalGoalGoalGoalAssistAssistAssistAssist
103. Carter BrandGoalAssistAssistAssistAssist
50 man. Connor PuppGoalGoalAssist
22 A. Levi AndersonAssistYellow CardYellow Card
24. Christian Norrie
125. Tyler Sceviour
128. Danny WrightAssist
129. Cam WengreniukGoalGoalAssistAssist
150 man. Brendan WilhelmAssist
131. Tate FarstadYellow CardYellow Card
50 man. Brendyn Kendall