Colleen Werschke Memorial Award

Colleen Werschke Memorial Award

Presented to a Raider annually who demonstrates

“skill and grace”- on and off the floor

sportsmanship, skill, and gentlemanly conduct –

qualities that bring success not just in sport but in life.

 2016 Recipient

Jordan McKinnon

2015 Recipient

Leighton Gibson

2014 Recipient

Carson McCormick

2013 Recipient

Marshall Gibson


In 2012 the lacrosse community lost a great person, parent, friend and volunteer.

The Raiders family acknowledges and honours the memory and contributions of Colleen Werschke. Those included her relentless commitment to family, the value that she placed on sports as a positive impact in the life of young men and women, and her impact on the Raiders organization. Colleen has been sadly missed however her spirit continues to inspire us all.

Colleen’s contributions touched our lives forever and her impact on our organization will endure. Season in season out, Colleen epitomized the qualities of a community volunteer – integrity, resilience, commitment and heart. That is what she brought to us each and every day. As Team Manager her primary objective was to ensure that our players, “her boys”, had everything they needed and that things ran smoothly for our management and coaches. Her goal as team manager and Mom was to contribute to success on and off the floor. Both the Junior and Senior Raiders organizations knew the difference that Colleen’s involvement made to their game and to their players.

Colleen’s greatest joy was when all of her family – her 4 boys were at the arena with her –  her sons playing – (she was in her glory the season that Jason and Garrett played together for us and went on to play for the Senior Raiders) – her husband Grant taking endless team shots as our Team Photographer- and her grandson Aiden chasing stray lacrosse balls.

The Raiders dedicated their 2014 season to Colleen creating an emblem commemorating what she stood for which we wore on our helmets. The emblem consists of a diamond crested by her initials. Anyone who had the pleasure of knowing Colleen Werschke knows that she loved diamonds. We felt that a Diamond was an appropriate emblem as it symbolizes enduring strength; light and of course  sparkle and shine – all qualities that Colleen’s personality and spirit captured and which we all were touched by in knowing her.

Always a classy lady, as a dedication to Colleen’s amazing ability to accomplish and resolve tough situations and challenges in a determined and respectful manner, we will be honoring Colleen with the presentation of the Colleen Werschke Memorial Award which we will affectionately refer to as the “Lady Werschke” trophy. The award will be presented to a chosen player annually who demonstrates “skill and grace” – on and off the floor: sportsmanship, skill, and gentlemanly conduct – qualities that bring success not just in sport but in life.

We know that Colleen would appreciate the meaning behind the Trophy as it is consistent with the message that she tried to impart in her involvement in our organization and in the sports organizations in which her sons participated – both in lacrosse and hockey.

Currently a scholarship is given to the recipient as part of the award.