Rules & Compliance


CLA RULE and Situation Handbook for Box Lacrosse 2017- 2018  click here

CLA Focus Calls – formerly Rules of Emphasis – Box Lacrosse Minor Officials Guide  click here

CLA Operations Manual – October 2016 – click here

CLA Bylaws – Nov 2014 – click here

CLA Equipment Specifications – Helmets and Facemasks & Technical Bulletins – click here

CLA Technical Resources – click here


CLA’s online Anti-Doping Education Program consists of eight (8) steps:

Module 1: Overview
Module 2: Your Requirements
Module 3: Sample Collection Procedures –click here for more details
Module 4: Athletes’ Rights and Responsibilities During Testing
Module 5: The Prohibited List and Banned Substances and Methods
Module 6: Check your Medications
Module 7: Medical Exemptions
Athlete Acknowledgement Form: electronic declaration form

Athletes are responsible for reading the information in each module and upon completion of all 7 modules are required to fill out and submit the ‘Athlete Acknowledgement Form‘.

GET STARTED: To start the program, click on the “Go to Module 1” .


ALA Bylaws – click here

ALA Regulations 2015 – click here

CONCUSSIONS – Think First handout – click here

From the BCLA-Cardiac Screening in Athletes – takes a close look at the red flag symptoms of a possible underlying cardiac abnormality and the steps an athlete can take to catch such problems early – click here

Also from BC – a tool to check mental health Mind Checkclick here

Canadian Lacrosse National Events and Timelinesclick here